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Because you want to know the person who’s going to be capturing one of the most important days of your lives.

Hey! I’m Becca. I live in Lubbock, Texas and am currently planning my own wedding to my fiancé Josh. I’m a homebody but still love to travel and go adventuring often. I drink lots of coffee, love listening to music on vinyl, and can often be found re-watching Friends or Gilmore Girls while editing. I’ve been photographing couples in love for the past 7 years, and my favorite part is trying to capture the little quirks, movements, and expressions that make your relationship unique. I am an introvert, which actually makes weddings perfect for me, as I have a personality that allows me to capture moments by observing that being the life of the party wouldn’t allow me to do.

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Weddings are my absolute favorite - I truly enjoy witnessing a couple's excitement as they prepare the for rest of their lives together, and it's an honor I do not take lightly. I work hard to make sure your vision is carried out successfully! When you work with me, I see you as more than a client. I genuinely care about you and your goals, and I love it when my clients turn into lifelong friends!

Honesty time: I don’t really enjoy traditional family sessions. If you want posed photos of your family together, I will probably refer you to another photographer, because sessions are expensive and I don’t want to charge you for something that’s just not my forte. BUT, if you want photos of you, your spouse and children doing things you love together (like making cookies, or playing outside, or reading together), then count me in. Too often, we don’t have photos of the moments that we really want captured - and while I may not be able to be present for your child’s first steps or graduation, we can definitely provide a snapshot of your family interacting together in your home or favorite place to spend time. 

I used to devote large spaces of my website to lettering (hence the ‘Letters’ part of my name), but the reality is that it’s not currently a large part of my business. If you’re interested in adding some lettering products onto your wedding package, reach out to me with what you have in mind and I can send you examples of my work!