+ How would you describe your style?

I like to take a documentary approach on wedding days - when there is too much direction from the photographer, what is unique about you and your wedding can get lost. This is your day. I’m just there to capture the moments. The only time I will pose and direct is during group and bride + groom portraits. (I’ll give advice when needed for things such as where the bride should put on her dress to look best in photos, but the moment itself will be yours.) As for editing, I tend to let each wedding inspire the finished look - but I always strive for clean, natural colors that you can enjoy both now and in twenty years!

+ Are you a traveling photographer?

Let’s be real here. While I absolutely love traveling, I am by no means the type of photographer who is constantly on a plane to exotic locations for work. I’m based in Lubbock, Texas and I have covered weddings in Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas (and North Carolina after this year!). That being said, I am always up for an adventure! My base coverage is different for weddings local to the Texas Panhandle vs. the rest of the United States.

+ Do you photograph elopements and intimate weddings?

Absolutely! Traditional weddings are what I spend the most time photographing, but I also love capturing elopements and intimate weddings with up to 30 wedding guests. I can absolutely help you find awesome locations that are meaningful to you and your love. You can bring along your favorite people, or you can just spend the whole day together doing exactly what you want (and bring along an officiant for the “ceremony” time). Prices vary depending on location and amount of coverage you need, so send me an email if you’d like to discuss your options!

+ Will there be a second shooter?

Secondary photographers are an add-on to my base coverage, and are recommended for large weddings or when there are multiple locations involved (i.e. getting ready and ceremony). If you do not specifically request a second shooter, I will let you know if it is recommended for your wedding when we have your consultation. The second shooter will be chosen and arranged by myself and will most likely be someone I have worked closely with on many other weddings!

+ I love your work, but you’re just a little out of my budget. Are your prices flexible?

Let me be the first to say, I get it. Weddings are expensive and costs add up quickly. The bottom line is, this is my livelihood, and I spend many hours after the wedding making sure your photos look amazing. However, I don’t want you to be afraid to reach out just because of the price tag! I always do my best to make it work out for everyone.

+ How many images can we expect from you?

For weddings, I typically deliver 600-900 images. Sessions range from 50-200. There is really no set number for either - I strongly believe in quality over quantity.

+ How long have you been a photographer?

I have been photographing individuals, couples, and families for about 10 years. My first wedding was seven years ago. Photography has been a side hustle for me for the majority of this time (most of this took place in high school and college), but I am now fortunate enough to call this my main job!

+ Do you offer retouching services?

You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you should also look like yourself. I often do simple touch-ups like removing blemishes or a few stray hairs as I edit. If you normally ask photographers to make you look thinner or remove wrinkles, I am probably not the girl for you!

+ Can I order products after the wedding?

Absolutely! I truly believe your photos belong other places than on your phone or saved somewhere on a flash drive. I offer many print options in my online galleries, but you can also ask me about any other products you may have in mind! Print releases are included with both sessions weddings - I will never pressure you to buy from me!

+ I’m ready to book! What happens next?

Hooray! First things first: if you haven’t reached out to me yet, now is the time! We need to make sure I’m available on the date of your wedding and talk to see if I am a good fit for you! After that, I’ll send over a contract and a link to pay the security deposit ($450) to hold your date. Then the fun stuff happens - we’ll meet up and you can tell me all about the vision for your day!

+ Should we have a first look?

First looks are entirely up to you + your love - I will never pressure you one way or another on this decision. They provide a wonderful way to spend some quiet, one-on-one time together that you won’t often get otherwise, and put a bit less stress on the timeline after the ceremony. If you do choose to have a first look, we will choose a secluded area where the groom will wait for his bride to come and tap him on the shoulder. The next part - tears, giddy laughter, hugs, prayers - is all up to you! I always try to make these moments as private as possible.

Still have more questions? It’s time to reach out! Send me an email with your questions or let’s schedule a time to talk in person!