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01. Engagement

A photographer friend and I were recently talking about how different engagement sessions are from couples portraits at a wedding, and how we often love them more. While a wedding is (hopefully) one of the best days of your life, there is also so much stress and nerves, and lets face it, just plain exhaustion involved, that it usually takes away from the love and excitement to be together - at least on camera. Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other before the wedding, and for you + your love to become comfortable being in front of the camera. While wedding photos are beautiful, sometimes what you want to display in your house are snapshots of the two of you as you look on a daily basis - in everyday clothes, not a tux and gown. Choose your favorite place (or two) to spend some time together - go on a hike, cuddle on the couch, or eat ice cream. I’ll do my best to bring out your true personalities - how you touch, play, kiss, dance, laugh and love.


02. Bridal

Want to experiment with your hair and makeup, get a little more use out of your beautiful gown, or provide a sentimental gift for your groom-to-be on your wedding day? Bridal sessions are the way to go. They involve one-on-one time between you and me and give us time to create magical, romantic shots of you in all your bridal glory that we might not have time for on your wedding day. We can take them in a moody, wooded area, out on the plains, or in a private indoor venue of your choosing - wherever you feel the most at home!


03. Adventure

Adventure sessions are the perfect opportunity to spend a little more time in your wedding gown and go exploring in a gorgeous location! It’s best for those who have a tight timeline on their wedding day, want photos in a different setting, or want to keep their dress nice on the wedding day but aren’t afraid to get it a little dirty later while adventuring. Basically, it’s a chance to spend more time on your wedding day with your friends and family and allow us time to make the photos you really want of the two of you later! For adventure sessions, I highly recommend a more relaxed look than your wedding day - let your hair down, ditch the heels, and get ready to have some fun.